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Each tincture is third party laboratory tested to ensure strict quality control and consistency across the board. The ability to enjoy the terpenes and CBD that you seek without THC is an option that many have been clamoring for. Whether you are in search of low or high concentration, full spectrum or isolate, CBDistillery Tincture has a value packed solution for you. CBDistillery provides consumers with both, full spectrum and CBD isolates. Very few brands give the consumers the opportunity to buy CBD isolates of high quality along with full spectrum oils and CBDistillery is one of them. However, this does not change the fact that isolates can also play a crucial rule in self-medication. They provide a powerful CBD therapy without the raw hemp taste.


CBDistillery products are safe and do not contain THC . All CBDistillery products undergo 3rd party lab testing that ensures consistency, quality and a truly well made product. CBDistillery was founded in 2016 by Colorado natives who understood the importance of legalized hemp products. One full dose knocks out his low back pain in under half an hour and continues to work for the next eight to ten hours. CBDistillery 2500 mg also gets him to relax enough to fall to sleep quickly and stay asleep.

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15 mg per day takes care of the pain but 30 to 40 mg a day helps the sleep. I have severe migraines and have been searching for something to help cut the pain. CBD Distillery has a full spectrum tincture at 167 mg and it is the best I have found. Depending on the severity of the migraine it can cut the pain level down by 2 or more levels. It billed my card, however, it came up my card didn’t work, and to try again later. There is no way to describe how nice, stayed on the phone till the order went through, making sure the order was right. Apologizing for the issue that I really didn’t feel was a big deal or something they done.

Charlotte’s Web straddles the space between a value brand and a boutique brand; they offer so many products, but price them at a higher point than CBDistillery. Our desired effects were felt very soon after ingesting our review sample, and provided a calming presence that lasted well into the day.

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All reviews are from people who have purchased this product. Drop our CBD hemp oil under your tongue and hold before swallowing or add it to your favorite beverages. Charlotte’s Web may offer a specific product you want, but in general, we think CBDistillery is a better deal.

  • CBDistillery invests a lot of time and effort to makes sure they’re growing the best hemp.
  • The broad spectrum drops are available in potency ranging from 500 milligrams to 2,500 milligrams of CBD in a 30 milliliter bottle.
  • The product line itself is extensive, featuring oils, isolates, capsules, skincare and more.
  • CBD pet products work all-the-same as CBD human products.
  • CBDistillery was founded in 2016 by Colorado natives who understood the importance of legalized hemp products.

Great product, nice taste and is helpful with my aches and pains! Due to these considerations, RevOffers considers them premier CBD brand. Over time, the app will continue to learn which products and dosages deliver the best results for certain conditions.

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It has given me my life back and I never thought I would ever in a million years feel somewhat like a person again. If you are suffering from some hellish pain daily it might be something to look into. Before that I was swapping brands looking for the right one. I can now do all the things that normal people do without trouble. Not being crippled by anxiety will help with that I’m sure. Flavor is very plant-like but light and not burnt tasting. With the 1000mg I take very few drops several times a day and I’m very happy with that.